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Power Palace Gym Workout Apparel and Merch Now Available

We’ve had a lot of people ask when we will have more Power Palace branded gym tank tops available for purchasing. We had a small batch we had ordered but the upfront cost of purchasing the shirts and the quality was not super ideal for us, and the provider also did not have 2XL shirts (or larger). What we’ve decided to do is create a Redbubble store where people can purchase Power Palace branded gym clothing and apparel at their own discretion and you should be able to order in the sizes you are looking for this way.

Here are a few items we suggest people look into purchasing from our Redbubble store,

There are several different colors available for each shirt and there is also a few accessories you may be interested in.

If there is sufficient interest we may consider starting a clothing line of retro 80s throwback clothing such as Dophin style running shorts, headbands and other 80s period clothing that would be manufactured with our branding on it. Let us know if that is something you’d be interested in.

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