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Rare and Desirable Bodybuilding Weightlifting Equipment at Power Palace Gym

Here are some of the rare / desirable pieces of weightlifting bodybuilding equipment we offer at Power Palace Gym in Newberg, Oregon.

These machines are from brands like Hammer Strength, Nautilus Next Generation, Maxicam, Rogue Fitness, Sorinex and more. Featured in this video is the Hammer Strength Front Military Press machine, Hammer Strength Wide Chest machine, Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Pulldown machine, In-Shape 4-way Neck machine, Nautilus ST2 Belt Driven Crossover, Nautilus Next Generation Double Chest, Nautilus Next Generation 10 Degree Chest, Nautilus Next Gen Super Pullover Machine, Rogue power barbells and more.

You can find us at 120 N Everest Road STE C Newberg, Oregon in the shopping plaza across the road from Abby’s Pizza.

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