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27 Division St, New York, NY 10002, USA

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Our gym is a full service facility with cardio equipment, full dumbell set up to 125 lbs, numerous barbells (Rogue & Hampton), around 4,000 lbs of iron plates, one competition plate set, power racks, deadlift platform, flat, incline, decline & military press benches, numerous utility benches, over a dozen chain driven Nautilus machines (including the Super Pullover), Hoist Glute Kickback, belt driven lat pulldown & row, & several Maxicam machines such as a cable crossover. Basically, everything that is needed for bodybuilding

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Wide Variety of Weight Machines
We have over a dozen different pieces of equipment available.
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Dumbbell Rack
Our dumbbell set goes from 5 lb pairs up to 125 lb pairs.
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Tons of Cardio
We have several cardio machines for you to use.